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Pekoe Tips Tea

Pekoe tips tea was established in 1991. From its inception, the company has focused on developing an exclusive range of gift packs of Indian Teas. Selected from the finest crops of the season, speciality Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea and Nilgiri Tea are packed in exquisite creations of master craftsmen of India.


The Journey
Since 1958...

Pekoe Tips Tea has been associated with the Indian Tea Industry as a producer since 1958 giving it the special strength and skill in choosing the best teas from select tea gardens in  India.


The range consists of exotic Darjeeling Tea, strong Assam Tea and brisk Nilgiri Tea. The variety includes white tea, gold wire tea and Oolong tea, green tea and organic tea.

The selected Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea and Nilgiri Tea, etc. are vacuum packed in special foil packs and then into cartons in the tea factories and transported to our packaging unit in New Delhi.


All the products are packed in  our specially designed boxes and fabric bags. We ensure high quality in packaging and every care is taken to keep the aroma intact. 

Each of the three main tea producing regions of India - Darjeeling, Assam & Nilgiri - produce teas that have their own unique and distinct aroma and taste.


Our product range also includes Indian spices, incense and essential oils and these combined with our exotic range of Indian Teas are sold & exported through our exclusive retail outlets in New Delhi & Goa.


Pekoe Tips Tea Has been a ' Must Visit ' destination for all tourists visiting India wanting to take back exclusive Indian Gifts.


All export orders are dealt with from New Delhi. the capital city of India. We have a huge clientele from across the globe.


Quality Assurance

We are a quality driven enterprise working with the sole motto of providing highest quality products at the most economical prices to our clients. Every step, right from selecting the raw products to the shipment of finished goods, is handled with extra care. All our products are offered in attractive and air tight packaging capable of keeping the fragrance of the products alive for months.

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