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Darjeeling tea is nature's gift to the himalayan region of northeast India. The exclusive and rare character of Darjeeling Tea is the result of several geographical factors. The Darjeeling Tea garden are situated at elevations of 610 to 2134 meters on steep slopes that provide ideal drainage for the generous rainfall the area receives. This coupled with intermittent cloud and sunshine, combine to impart Darjeeling Tea's unique flavour. tea from Darjeeling cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world and is called the Champagne of Tea. As Champagne is to France, so Darjeeling is to India. The tea is light in colour with high aroma and flavour.


Darjeeling manufactures only the Orthodox Teas, that is, Leaf Teas and the harvesting season is between the months of March & November.

1. Darjeeling Best Pick

2. Gemstone Tea Caddy

(Darjeeling First Flush)

3. Brocade Darjeeling Tea

4. Carved Darjeeling Tea Box

5. Rosewood Elephant Tea Box


Assam is the world's single largest tea growing region and the tea from there been called a "cup of gold". the tea gardens are situated on either side of the river Brahmaputra. This tea has a strong brew and is generally preferred with milk. The famous Indian Masala Chai is a blend of various spices with Assam Tea. Assam manufactures both CTC (crush, tear & curl) tea, that is granulated strong tea widely consumed in India, and also the orthodox leaf tea. The harvesting season is between the months of March and November.

6. Assam Best Pick

7. Assam Jute


Assam CTC tea blend with Indian spices - cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves & black pepper, relished in all Indian homes, masala chai is delicious and refreshing. Each spice contributes its medicinal values to the tea and help in curing colds, coughs & fever.

8. Masala Chai

9. Instant Masala Chai


The Nilgiris or the blue Mountains are situated in South India and the tea grown here has a unique blend of fragrance and the briskness. These teas are stronger than the Darjeeling teas and milder than the Assam type making it ideal for Ice Teas. The tea is harvested round the year and the best crop is plucked in the month of February.

10. Nilgiri Tea

11. Samrat 3 in 1 ( Darjeeling, Assam & Nilgiri Tea )


This is a non fermented tea with a pale greenish - yellow liquor and have a raw leafy aroma. The tea is high in anti oxidants and helps prevent heart ailments. Green tea is mostly consumed in the Kashmir state of India and is blended with cardamom, cinnamon and saffron to make Kashmiri Kahwa.

12. Kashmiri Kahwa


When the British Prime Minister, the 2nd EarlGrey, visited China in 1830, he was treated to a delightful cup of tea, which had been flavoured with oil from the ripened peel of Bergamot - a Canton orange. He was so impressed the colour and the delicate scent of this blend, he brought a supply back to London. the special blend was named after him and is since called Earlygrey Tea - a light citrus flavour tea with a rich brew. Tea blended with oil extracts of the Bergamot fruit giving a tangy taste of the tea.

13. Earlgrey Tea


White tea is made with buds, and, in some cases, young leaves which are sun dread or dread by steaming. Like green tea, white tea is not fermented and is the least processed form of tea, made of beautiful silver buds and select leaves because of its minimal processing, white tea contains more nutrients than its black or green cousins, making it the ultimate health tea. It helps to prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a complete heart protection.

14. White Tea


The range consists of Apple Tea, Mango Tea, Jasmine Green and black tea, Choclate Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea, Vanilla Tea and Mint Tea.

15. Flavoured Tea 


Indian Coffee grows on the lush green hill slopes of Coorg in Karnataka. Highly aromatic and exported widely, these Arabica Plantation AA beans have been handpicked, cleaned and graded by experts.

16. Coffee


Exotic and aromatic, exotic or pungent, spices have been a ket ingredient in all Indian cuisines, Our range of whole and blended spices have been appreciated all over the world, for freshness, quality, flavour and aroma. Procured from the finest cultivators of the country, we present exclusive gift packs of spices for you to explore and enjoy their varied flavours.

17. Masalas

Incense & Ayurveda

Essential Oils : India, being nature's paradise is a wide source of extract from flowers and plants commonly called essential oils. These are benifical in many ways and are widely used for aromatheraoy around the world.

Incense sticks : These are known for adding a mystic charm and lighten up the ambience. Used in meditation, these incense sticks are available in several fragrances.

Herbal Products : Ayurveda is an ancient system of health care that is native to India. Our herbal range is made from herbs or mixtures, either alone or in combination with minerals, metals and other ingredients and is being used widely to cure illness and to maintain good health.

Method of Preparation 

Darjeeling / Assam / Nilgiri Tea

Add one teaspoon of tea per cup into your teapot and pour freshly boiled water into it. Brew for 3 - 4 minutes and filter the tea into cups. Add lemon or milk and sugar to taste and relish your cup of Indian Tea.

Masala Chai

"Chai" is prepared by mixing 1/3milk and 2/3 water and putting the mixture to boil together. As soon as it boils, add 1/2 teaspoon of Masala Chai per cup into the boiling contents and let it simmer for 1 minute. Add sugar to taste and filter into cups.

Iced Tea

Use Nilgiri tea and prepare a strong liquor. Now pour the liquor over a tall glass filled with ice. Add sugar syrup and lemon juice and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Wash your tea pot with warm water and add half a teaspoon per cup of the tea (spice blended) into the pot. Add freshly boiled water to it and brew for 3 minutes. You may add saffron for more flavour. Filter the tea into cups and add sugar or honey if desires to relish your cup of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea.

Add the used tea leaves to your garden. They make a healthy fertiliser.